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Distance Education @ ABC: Home

SMC Library for Distance Education

Academic libraries are pivotal in supporting distance education, acting as virtual hubs that provide remote access to extensive electronic resources such as databases, e-books, and journals. Librarians offer personalized virtual assistance, fostering a sense of community and ensuring academic rigor. Interlibrary loan services broaden access, while educational initiatives on digital literacy empower distance learners and faculty to navigate the digital landscape effectively. In essence, academic libraries play a central role in enhancing the quality and accessibility of education for those geographically separated from traditional campus settings.

For Students: Online Research Support

The SMCL Librarian Can 

  • Meet with Students virtually
  • Locate Hard to Find Articles 
  • Help you pick  which databases to search 
  • Search resources from partner libraries (articles)
  • Borrow materials from outside institutions (only can be viewed in the library-no checkouts)
  • Provide Online Live Chat - "Ask Us" Pop up Feature on website

Logging into Library Resources Remotely

To access our databases and services you will be prompted to sign in at the top of the screen or a window will appear asking you to enter your student ID. Student IDs are assigned at the start of the school semester, and start with A00. If you forget your student ID number please reach out to Angel Pridgen, Director of Library Services: to obtain a temporary student ID for the semester. 

Faculty, At the start of each semester you will be sent an 11 digit login code to access resources remotely. 

Faculty and Students attending classes on campus grounds do not need to enter a password to use library resources. For more information contact 615-687-6946.

For Faculty: Embedded Librarian

An Embedded Librarian is an information specialist who integrates into a specific academic or professional environment, collaborating directly with faculty, students, or professionals within their field. This proactive librarian provides tailored research support, conducts specialized workshops, and ensures seamless access to relevant resources, thereby enhancing the information literacy and research capabilities of the community they serve. To learn more about Embedded Librarianship and having one present in your course shell, schedule an appointment here: Schedule an Appointment with Angel Pridgen

Librarians in the Virtual Classroom

The SMC Librarian comes with 3 years of experience running a successful embedded librarian program from Tennessee State University and has worked with academic librarians across the state of Tennessee to enhance virtual academic library resources. After conducting surveys and interviews with 27 undergraduate students in the 2019–2020 academic year, the results indicated that nearly every participant held a strong belief in the positive correlation between their GPA and the utilization of library space. This perception remained consistent irrespective of the frequency with which they accessed the library (ACRL).