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Alumni Portal

ABC's history and alums information is publicly accessible in-person; materials of particular interest often include:

  • ABC Yearbooks
  • ABC Dissertations
  • Audio/Visual Recordings
  • ABC Photos
  • ABC Catalogs

Please get in touch with the Susie McClure Library with questions.

Check-out/Computer Use

Alums are welcome to check out books from the Susie McClure Library using a valid TN Photo ID. A maximum of 10 books can be checked out at one time. 

Alums are welcome to use the computer lab on campus, and printing privileges are restricted to up to 20 pages per visit without permission from library staff

Alumni Donations

Donations are always welcome, and books must be in either sound or excellent condition. The final determination of items being added to the collection falls upon the Director of Library Services. We also take pictures and other things deemed invaluable to the college as part of our Special Collections. 

Books must contain minimal notes on the pages

Must not be moldy or contain mildew

Must be connected to the history of the college


Focus on social justice, equity, advocacy, or leadership at HBCUs or Biblical/Seminary colleges or local community.